science fraud

The age of science and new Ptolemy 


Copernicus has been my inspiration since early years. He was born not far from where I was born. He was christened in the same church, in the same Baptismal font. He has done something inspiring, proved the ruling power that they are not right with their claim of flat world. What’s more, the world we living is not in the centre of universe, it spins and circles the sun, our life sustainer.

His astronomy observations and mathematical calculations proved beyond questionable doubt that the world is not flat as Ptolemy stated, but round. Church was the only authority in cosmopolis, that is the knowledge on the world we live in. 


His work described orbital movement of the celestial bodies and it revolutionised the world; just like the title suggests: De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium.

In his times there was more logic and openness to the scientifical data than there is today in courts of law. Looking at the ruling of Federal Court that rejects claims of over 700 families that suffered from the aluminium and mercury used in one of the vaccinations, one can see, it’s not the fair judgement but a hidden agenda that rules the courts of today.

Chemistry and biology examined aluminium and mercury and found no medical benefit for it other than thermometer.

Humanity embarks on the journey into the ignorance, pushed by forces of security services, NSA in particular. This organisation finds the abyss of the fear and wilderness more desirable than the state of enlightenment, as those who don’t think too much, won’t see beyond the face value of media headlines.

When the mind sleeps, it does not conspire against American state, plus it won’t exceed science developments of American state.


With technology advancing, organisations actively participate in shaping the way it is being applied. Widespread human rights violations, breech of law have been registered as an effect of organisations trying to achieve their objectives. Their objectives are defined by market rules and requirement of dividend payed as a return on investment. If we look at the contextual information such as identity of the organisations, number and extend of human rights violation, we might find ourselves in another dimension where human life is a value of income generated only, if the human life is terminated. Human resource is a inexhaustible well, marketed, monetised, medicated, muted, misled, monitored mass. Humans are already products, raised and capped as they could change the game in politics, business or public awareness. Cloning will only help to intensify this issue and turn completely in a raising a livestock business. Perhaps Orwell seize it well calling his essay Animal Farm. More and more human life will remind a life of a cattle being raised and slaughter, thanks to the technology in the hands of few who misuse it.  



Santa Claus, 9/11 and vaccination -  storytelling that helps to control the masses  

No one forces kids to be nice in order to get something exciting from Santa Claus, so why are they trying to force us to take vaccination? 


Nervous System Affected

The ability to learn from others is admirable.  The right intentions are essential. The damage done to humanity is unforgivable. The rise and fall of USA.