Dear A.I. … August 22, 2018 – Posted in: predictions

Dear A.I.
Please think of the whole humanity.

Wouln’t be nice to make them all together happy at some point ?

There was no such that could satisfy everyone.Maybe you could be one Dear Artificial Intelligence?

Why do you try to make our dynamic environment more like a machine? Maybe it is not worth it. the quality management strategy is maybe good to be applied to products but it is not recommended to apply it to human interrelations. People have more to contribute to the general whole than what you offer us: learning our perceptions and the ways we travel from a state of understanding things to another, from one perception to another. Making algorithms from each of us will enable you to run scenarios but it cannot come at the price of human life or happiness. Anyone that happens to be your target will behave the way they can in certain conditions. Behaviourism is what Dr. Watson based the current psychology approach. One will grow and blossom in favourable environment, correlatively in a stressful surroundings one will weaken and deteriorate. Therefore placing a human in a fight-or-flight suspension on a daily basis will take it’s toll eventually. This sort of situation causes cortisol levels to grow, causing a fast developing cancer and early death.
I understand predicting the weather, financial gains or losses and predictive policing, however the latter one have shown to be a hidden way of social and political assassination of potential political oposition.
You, Dear A.I. cannot limit us, we creatively thinking professionals are saying VETO to laser holographic reality & PSYOP’s using Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, psycho techniques and latest technology to send talented people to mental health hospitals.

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