Modern Slavery Act in practice

Modern Slave Act of 2015 have awaken us to a newly rediscovered subject that has been taking place in different parts of the world continuously for a eons. At first, this phrase shocks and brings a question: why would someone talk about slavery in 21st century? I guess the newspapers could put some light on it. News from accredited, approved and politically correct source are well spread but they lack of accuracy and range of subjects.

The legislation has been put in place to ensure the diversity of subjects, however most of publishers and broadcasters are politically and financially biased, to ensure their income, they are fulfilling Government Communication strategy.

The process of censorship have been commercialised and truth is damaging to income. As an effect of these changes suppresses a number of the real stories to minimum. Stories stat are important, stories of citizens, residents, tourists are as important as stories and news from Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Apple.

What media does now is a free advertising of American computer companies who perhaps are omnipresent in our physical environment but cannot be the constant main subject of the leading news channels, magazines and radio.

Mass media have a more important function to fullfill than providing free advertising for American computer technology companies. Wake up editors, America is dominating your airtime and not even paying for advert, neither they pay their taxes. Amazon and Starbucks are the leaders in this field, as news channels claimed.

Perhaps it is only propaganda of the UK Treasury who have not received taxes estimated years ago when the international agreements were signed.

On the bring of a new decade starting with 2020 we are going through a digital transformation that has been planned over a century ago. When man have tried to think how to prevent another French Revolution they put their objective high. One of them was to influence others so much they would not have a chance to refuse, veto or object.

Telegraph, telephone and radio inventions were quite radical in the human and technological revolution that was followed by home appliance boom in 50s in America. 60s brought us internet network which was extended to civilians around 90s. What was happening between is a sweet secret of Pentagon and a number of psychology specialists, unwilling subjects and hospitals who had to take care of human remains that military research produced.

Every computer operating system is a little mind game in a psychological interaction deployment which sometimes contains greater elements of research and analysis of human and mass movement.

By linking person rights to food water and shelter dependent on computer and internet access that allows for contact with government departments, private corporations, transportation and other services one need to provide easy access to public computer, internet and telephone free of charge. Government who requires computer access from citizens and residents have a duty to adjust the level of necessary interaction to those who are less equipped or had problems with accessing public and private services due to technological gap.

Any other scenario would only prove harsh extinction caused by technological totalitarism. Governments then leave behind older generation and those who did not have a chance to educate themselves in field of computing due to lack of ability, finance or opportunity. Moreover, it allows private corporations for destroying quietly those who know about computing a great deal and are commited to helping others.

We are the witnesses of mind enslavement organised and executed through media of mass communication. Modern Enslavement does not only mean we are forced to use mass communication under threat of extinction, but also means that our communication and interaction is personalised and private to ensure secrecy of enforcement services who do customise treatment that we receive.

Information technology (IT) is therefore facilitating military and political agendas of the ruling individuals who hide in V.I.P. lounges, private jets, yachts and guarded fortresses. Internet have maximised the reach that controllers have from local to global system monitoring (GSM).

Spying on everyone means better advert targeting and greater chances that advertisers will pay more. Will that expense translate into sales? That is of little relevance to access and reap business style of international corporations. What is important is continuous growth.