‘Free Tibet’

– unpopular as it seems, my input in fight against oppression, a protest against unlawful take over by totalitarian Chinese state. As much respect I have for Chinese culture and heritage, I had to protest trying to rescue other old and valuable culture of Tibet. Inspired by Bjork’s performance in Beijing I decided to add a value to my work by encoding additional content. — with Bjork at Free Tibet.

Personal touch enriching the design, beneath the obvious there has been placed a hidden message, quite political at that time.

I’m writing to you to report.

  As a buddhist at heart, I was touched by the events in Tibet/ China which His Holiness Dalailama talked about during his lecture at Royal Albert Hall in 2008. As a  Bjork fan I was inspired by her performance and the courageous act of speaking words “Tibet! Tibet!”.  

I thought I could do something to help.  In the Spring/Summer 2008 I was designing a layout for the article  ‘Getting up before the State’ which was published in Vertigo Magazine Volume 3 Issue 9. I decided to place two words ‘Free Tibet’ in the article about situation in China. Inspired by painting ‘The Ambassadors’ by Hans Holbein (below) I encrypted my message in similar way, to be seen only from a certain angle. My secret message was published in printed version of Vertigo Magazine and sold worldwide. 

'The Ambassadors’ by Hans Holbein, National Gallery, London
‘The Ambassadors’ by Hans Holbein, National Gallery, London

Years have gone by and I started to experience strange phenomena which I could not understand or explain at first. (2015)   In addition to this my website was hacked and hacked again by algorithmic robots/ macros to the point where editing it was impossible (2015-2017). 

Someone hacked my Twitter account and tried to compromise me by posting vulgar posts during a period of couple of months. (2009-2010).  Couple years ago I was trying to fix my phone and was asked for IMEI number, little did I know about IMSI and StingRay surveillance. It may not be the case, but US uses it to target immigrants therefore I do take it into consideration.   In 2011 I had a little surgery, nothing major; but memorable as from around 2017 I started to feel little stimuli coming from that particular place. The stimuli is causing pain in my head and legs. When I press above that place, the pain in my head decreases, when I press below, the pain in legs disappears. I’ve tried to ask doctor to scan this place to eliminate the possibility of residue or foreign object; however to my surprise I was told: ‘Maybe you’ve done something you shouldn’t be doing’. I could not believe this.   

In 2013 I bought really modern headphones produced in PRC ( China) which are equipped in sensors calibrated to listen to vibration of the bone, Bluetooth and Active Noise Reduction which technically and scientifically could be responsible for bone/ tissue stimuli. Couple of years using them and I started experience high pitch signal in my facial nerve, where the bone sensor is active.   

Right now I do experience ongoing remote torture – feeling of pain, distress and provocative voice messages on repeat. The pain is sometimes that strong that it prevents me from working and daily activities. I know it sounds unreasonable, but  if you consider all the new tech that’s around, you might change your mind. 

What supports my statement are ongoing problems with my computer. It’s like someone is connected to it, mouse cursor moving on its own, settings changing every couple of hours. Phone problems persists despite changing it 4 times. As a Designer I’m quite skilled in computer administration and have not been having those kind of problems prior to 2016.  

I am aware that my case is nothing when compared to being in prison and extreme physical torture, however this is still painful and affecting my professional life, my peace and personal relationships. I have not need badly beaten and I’m still alive, however this psychological torture is in my humble opinion worse than a physical one.  It’s been now almost four years of active daily targeting and my resilience have dropped significantly. Having no or little support from doctors, police and media have contributed to my despair. 

From the perspective of time I see clearly that this punishment is inadequate to the offense I have done to China.  As the torture continues, I have not much that brings joy, maybe only a thought that my rebellious design have been printed and stored in the libraries, however sadly undiscovered by humans.

It has been surveillance machine that discovered my crime, words Free Tibet typed in Indesign file buried on my hard drive.  

Once recognised by MENSA as exceptionally gifted mind, I question myself why did I start a row with China by publishing those words?  Where was my intelligence? Perhaps I have not envisaged that I would expose myself and my family to a vicious revenge process. During my quest for finding understanding of what’s happening, I investigated various subjects within technology, science, physics and politics that have astonished me.  However I did not expect Chinese security services to have no sense of justice or humour.

I know my intentions were good, trying to protect little, unpopular nation who have made itself known for the wisdom and compassion it cultivates.  

Thank you for reading  

PRISM – don’t let them know you are smart and want to help the world, they destroy activists and promote crooked individuals who continue to blind masses, like Trump, Putin, Bush and Clintons. Global World of Commerce do not like us to know the differences between different countries, difference in price for the same product. From Apple to Unilever with all its brands. AT&T is looking at you, perhaps shooting at you, perhaps about to give you a heart attack or stroke. Social media, smartphones are here only to get inside your brain, your thinking process, to select those who would object the ill treatment, those who could lead us to a better world.

May Peace be with you my reader.  

As I might not experience it ever again