Five Senses One Mind 

ASI - American Security Intelligence 

Now that US Army have officially launched Artificial Intelligence as a weapon we can see how this has all started.

Five Senses One Mind 

Penta means five. Pentad is the way brain records and stores our memories that consists of a smell, taste, sound, sight and the feeling of touch.   


Pentagon secret plan to control humanity

Area 51 was always a secret of United States even to its own people, due to its goal of controlling the minds of the general mass. It was never about the aliens, if so maybe legal aliens, the foreigners.

Bastile Day - the greatest day in history of humanity

Sadly such triumpf of Equality, Fraternity and Liberty will never happen again.

Ever since the French Revolution there was a plan or harnessing this great potential of the general mass by a sophisticated crowd control techniques. The research started with going into hypnosis and ancient ways of mesmerising the snake into submission by intricate sounds of the flute.

After decades of research, experiments and tests, the US Army came up with a radio frequency based system of Global System Monitoring that not only allowed to locate a person in the field but would allow for a supervision of the thought process through synchronisation of stimuli versus reaction caused in subject.

Your phone is a weapon

In XIX century shortly after the invention of radio, the research into ultrasonics has started. Radio signal of high frequency is used for cellular communication and data transmission. It has developed into wireless data transmission we know as Bluetooth and Wifi.


Your phone is perhaps the one object you hold on to every day. It has been designed to give away information about you. Your contacts, messgages, photos and videos you take are accessible by security services. The issue of privacy has been confirmed by the case of BlackBerry encryption. Apple, despite denying its collaboration with FBI is not withholding any information about you. Apps that you download and use have encoded raporting send with updates from your device to their server. The reports contain information on your location, battery use, your contacts, calendar entries and other data. 

What's more Bluetooth, WiFi and audio speakers in your device are being used to charge your body with magnetic energy, and therefore locate your 3D body in relation to the device connected to internet. 


Eyes are the gateway

When you look at your phone, laptop or tablet you are also being looked at by the infrared sensors which constantly send a signal, barely visible to your eyes.  

Whenever you had an optical exam, the doctor most likely have been pointing a bright light in your eyes. If you read some of the medical books you'll find out that pointing out a bright light in to your eyes my result in partial blinding of the person. That is what the doctor is aiming for, to blind you to fluorescent and infrared light. 

Mercury - the poison that best placed in your mouth

For some unadmitted reason Russia, Chinese and European dentists started to use amalgamate fillings that consised of aluminum, mercury and other compounds. The plan to get inside your mind was well on it's way. What they needed now is to have a background, something that would boost the effect of Mercury, in revealing your thoughts. Unfortunate accident* in the Chernobyl power plant was the event that delivered the much needed boost.

S.I.L.I.C.O.N. in you

While Russian block opted for Mercury and Amalgamate fillings, Americans opted for Silicon and computer - human connection. Both done really without knowledge or approval from the side of those who were here the most important - general mass of humans: from infants to old age pensioners, we all were involved, involuntarily, recruited as lab rats, non-consensually obducted by US Army and it's partners in crime. Vitabiotics is known pharma producer of WELLMAN WELLWOMAN products that meant to deliver all the vitamins and nutriens needed by a human being. Not many know though that the company puts silicon to the nutriens, claiming that the silicon is needed by your body. If you have consumed one of those solutions, I advise to sue the producer, I am happy to help, just contact me here.

Walk the man

Some of you might remember Sony Walkman which changed the way how we consume the music, how we interact with electronics, how we perceive thoughts of other humans. It was Sony headphones that were here the main feature that allowed for holding strong ferro-magnets close to your ears and your brain allowing for a special connection, one that would forever change humanity.

Take your jab and give up your free will 

Hocus-pocus,  fairy tales,  fear,  one year in house arrest... all this to make you want to vaccinate yourself. Do as your gut tells you. There was the time I trusted government, then I woke up to harsh reality, corruption, agenda and friends dying one by one. Pension that we look forward to, might not even happen. People can live well up to 100 years as prince Philip case have proved, why then majority of us dies before turning 60? The answer is retirement is an expenditure for governments and insurers. Cruel, but very practical solution comes with radio waves.

Radio waves and aluminium equals remote management of people. Mercury and electricity equals modulation. Guns are so last century, since 80's big corporations and governments run on radio wave abstractive shady man.

just like Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Mancoceanum and the flat Earth

The way we see our world does have impact on what we do,  how we relate to each other,  what have a value and what does not.
Trying to invert the perception of the world is not an easy task, but with a gun and bribes it somehow slowly happens.